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Semantic Technologies for Web Services and Technology Enhanced Learning

Research Project No. D-002-189
funded by the National Science Fund of Bulgaria

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"Semantic Technologies for Web Services and Technology Enhanced Learning"
Research Project No. D-002-189
funded by the National Science Fund of Bulgaria
Project Management

Project Management

The overall objectives of the Project management and its organizational structure are reaching the Project targets according to the Project plan while keeping to schedule, budgets, resources and quality.

The organizational structure of the Project is as follows:

The Consortium consists of all legal entities participating in the Project as contractors.

Contractors are all participants of the Projects and signatories to the Consortium Agreement.

The Steering Committee (STC) is the ultimate decision-making body and comprises representatives of all contractors. The representatives to the Steering Committee are of senior management level with the express authority to commit their organization to the decisions of the Steering Committee. The Project Coordinator chairs the Project STC. The STC is responsible for the strategy and coherence of the whole work plan, monitors the Consortium Agreement and Project management, and decides on all operational Project issues. STC interfaces with the National Science Foundation through the Project Coordinator.

The members of the Project Steering Committee are:

  • Associate Prof. Dr. Danail Dochev IICT-BAS
  • Associate Prof. Dr. Radoslav Pavlov IMI-BAS
  • Engineer Andrei Boyanov Active Solutions Ltd.

The Scientific Advisers act as senior consultants for all contractors and for the Coordinator in respect of scientific and technological execution of the Project.

The Project Scientific Advisers are:

  • Professor Dr. John Domingue, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK
  • Professor Dr. Peter Stockinger Foundation Maison de Science de l'homme, Paris, France

The Coordinator is the contractor who, in addition to its obligation as a contractor, is obliged to carry out specific coordination tasks on behalf of the Consortium. He is the intermediary for communication between the contractors and the National Science Foundation and ensures that the contractors complete all formalities. In this function the Coordinator signs the contract with the National Science Foundation in behalf of the contractors. His tasks are management of the communication between partners, coordination and control of all project activities, chairing the Steering Committee, management of deviations, contingency planning as well as quality assurance of deliverables.

The Project Coordinator is Associate Prof. Dr. Gennady Agre - IICT-BAS.


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project title: project duration: 30 months project start: January 1st, 2009

Project researches within the following ranges: